Web design


Sketching The Wireframes

For my first UX design project I was also able to experiment with wireframes to redesign the Living Galapagos website. My first step was to sketch out my ideas to figure out a method that could work for the site. I started by organizing the site into different sections and figuring out how I would place information into each of those sections. Once I completed this it was off to Illustrator to design the actual look of my redesign for the website.

Creating The Design

My redesign of the Living Galapagos website incorporates several ideas that are common throughout many websites. I used a hamburger icon to show the menu when the site switches to a smaller platform. I also used a carousel to give the user a way to scroll through the videos on each page. I decided since the website’s purpose is to inform people of the issues on the Galapagos islands, it needed a button that links you to a donation page. I designed the icon that appears in the header of the site.
Phillips_Austin_Project 1